August 4, 2014

VA - Shindig! LP (1985)

If you live in the Vancouver area, chances are you've probably seen this LP at one of the local record stores. It's a live compilation from CiTR's Shindig battle of the bands, which has been a yearly event since 1983. Past winners include 3 Inches Of Blood (2001) and Brand New Unit (1992). There's a good mix of styles on this record, with Death Sentence and NG3 representing the punk end of the spectrum. How Death Sentence lost to the Nerve Tubes (who's members would later go on to form the Odds, famous for 'Heterosexual Man') is beyond me. 

2. NG3 - Strength
3. RED HERRING - Tone Of Voice
4. NERVE TUBES - Things Break
5. MY THREE SONS - All Time Loser
6. DEATH SENTENCE - Dawn Of The Dead
7. NERVE TUBES - Kiss Me, Carl
8. NG3 - Government
9. RED HERRING - Brain Song
10. RHYTHM MISSION - Redundancy
11. MY THREE SONS - Get Out Of My House
12. DEATH SENTENCE - In Flames


  1. If memory serve me correctly, there was a bit of a riot at the show where Death Sentence got eliminated.

    Shindig, as much as I loved it over the years, had more than the occasional travesty.