October 20, 2014

SLAYER - Live In Reseda (1985)

I was recently given a box of old cassettes, mostly of the punk, hardcore and metal variety. While I already had a lot of them on CD and vinyl, I was pretty stoked to find a pair of live Slayer bootlegs among them. They're both from the same show, recorded live in Reseda, California (misspelled as Regeda) on September 6, 1985. It's funny that they have Reign In Blood on the covers when there's no songs from that album on this set. The sound quality and performance are great and also includes a radio interview at the end. Check out the video of the entire show below.
1. Hell Awaits
2. Aggressive Perfector
3. Captor Of Sin
4. Final Command
5. Necrophiliac
6. Black Magic / Die By The Sword
7. Haunting The Chapel
8. Hardening Of The Arteries
9. Fight Till Death
10. At Dawn They Sleep
11. Show No Mercy
12. Praise Of Death
13. Chemical Warfare
14. Interview


  1. this source sounds very good. I've had a lossless copy of this show for years (and 5 versions of the next night) but this sounds much better. any way I could persuade you to do a flac rip? of course I'm always down for trades. I couldn't find any contact info so check my yt channel.

  2. I likah dah slayer, berry berry good bootleg here, I accept more donations in bullion, diamonds, dilthium crustals, and pussy