January 18, 2016

VAURIO - Huuto Yöstä LP (1984)

Here's some more catchy melodic punk from Finland. Originally released in 1984 as "A Shout From The Night", it was finally reissued 30 years later with the title in Finnish (as is should be!). It's great to see all these lost should-be classics see the light of day again. 
1. Sodanjulistus (Declaration Of War)
2. Harhaa (Hallucination)
3. Irti Kahleista (Break The Irons)
4. Viimeinen Ilta (The Last Night)
5. Kunnian Kentät (Fields Of Glory)
6. Petos (Deceit)
7. Huuto Yöstä (A Shout From The Night)
8. Vapaa Vankila (Free Jail)
9. Tangoa Kahdelle (Tango For Two)
10. Aistin Vihan Ja Pelon (I Feel The Hate And The Fear)
11. Viikonloppuanarkisti (Weekend-Anarchist)
12. Harmaa Maanantai (Grey Monday)
13. Vapaus (Liberty)
14. Musta Unelma (Black Dream)


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