December 10, 2013

DIRECT CONTROL - You're Controlled LP (2005)

By far one of my favourite hardcore records from the last decade.  When I first heard "Ronnie's Dead" back in '06, I was hooked. Pretty much everything this band put out was great, which really isn't surprising given guitarist/vocalist's Brandon Ferrell's resume (Municipal Waste, Government Warning, Major Damage, to name a few). While I do think this 12" is out of print, it's not impossible to track down. 

1. Direct Control
2. Ronnie's Dead
3. What's The Point?
4. Bucktown Hardcore
5. I Like It Fast
6. Herd The Cattle
7. War All The Time
8. Let's Scorch Scorch
9. Tough Guy
10. Braindead
11. Outro

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