December 17, 2013

ACTIONAUTS - Hash Assassin single (1983)

I knew about this band through the "Last Call" compilation, and even though I've seen this 7" in local records I only heard it for the first time a few months back when Dan Walters gave it to me. Some pretty good power pop / new wave type stuff here, produced by Nick Jones of the Pointed Sticks. Shame they didn't put out anything else. According to former member John Cody, the band did have some other recordings that were never released. You can listen to a few of them on his website HERE. You can also check out both songs from this single at the Museum Of Canadian Music.

1. Hash Assassin
2. Vagabond

Here's another unreleased song that they even shot a video for. I can't believe no one in the last 30 years has put this stuff out. I'm looking at you, Sudden Death Records! 

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