September 7, 2012

TEN FEET TALL - Alive tape (1993)

I never saw these guys live, but I remember my old roommate playing the shit out of this tape back in the day. I got a copy a few years ago from their bass player Rob Hope when he was still working at Dutchman Tattoo. He had found a box with full of copies of "Alive" without covers. So if anyone out there can scan it for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. 
I suck when it comes to describing a band's sound, so let's just say it's very 90's sounding. I guess if I had to name a group they sound like, I'd go with SNFU. But what do I know? Track 9 isn't on the tape but was recorded in the same session. It was originally released on the CD, "Wade-Free Vancouver: The Club Grotesque Compilation".

1. Livestock
2. Round Two
3. Onward
4. Not The Only One
5. Die By The Board
6. Alive / Winding Down
7. Lifelines
8. Pass Me A Beer
9. Down Under (Men At Work)


  1. thank you SO much. I had the alive tape back when I was a kid and have been having an earworm of "round one round two" for over 20 years. I was beginning to think it was all a dream. Going to go listen the shit out of this now.

    1. Here's the rest of their discography, with a better rip of 'Alive'.