January 1, 2013


What better way to kick off the new year than with some classic local crossover? The only reason I didn't post this ages ago is because there was at least two other blogs that had this split. Seems those links are now dead (fuckin' Multiupload), so here it is again. Thanks to Dan for the scans, especially Pushead's review from Thrasher magazine.
1. MISSION OF CHRIST - Nocturnal Serenade
2. MISSION OF CHRIST - Crypts Of Darkness
3. FRATRICIDE - Razor Piss
4. FRATRICIDE - Our Circled Adventure


  1. There it is. My all time favorite local record. Great rip, the MOC stuff sounds way less muddy than me actually playing this thing on my stereo.
    - Shay

  2. Thank you for including insert sheet! I forgot all about that!
    I taped this EP off a friend back then, and should have just ordered a copy or sent money to my friend in BC to send it to me.
    Being poor sucked!

  3. Great. I have their 5/29/87 demo cs for these songs, it included a few other songs that are just as good. Does anyone know if the Fratricide 12" on Schizophrenic/Ugly Pop was remixed? I think it sounds slightly different to the original split-LP on Pusmort.

    1. You have a Fratricide demo tape? I'd love to hear it! As for the 12", I believe this was the original mix and Pushead remixed what was supposed to be on split with Neuroot. The guitar is much louder on the Schizophrenic version.

    2. Yes, the Fratricide 12" on Schizophrenic was remixed in Jan 1993. We tried to get a better mix than the original from 1986, but the 2" master tape started disintegrating in the machine before it was totally finished. I guess we should have baked the tape first...

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