July 26, 2012

LEGION OF DOOM - Keep Asking Questions tape (1985)

Big thanks to Dan for lending me this tape! I've never heard these guys before, but it's cool checking out these obscure local bands. I tried looking them up online, but all I came across was a few mentions in MRR's Canadian scene report. 

"LEGION OF DOOM are a cool band who sound a bit like S.L.F. They're currently going through a little line-upchange and have got a really good tape out."

"With recruits from DEAD BOB & KINKY TRIBESEMEN and the old guitarist from IMMORAL MINORITY, Don. These guys have potential and are sounding good from recent practice. They play a mixture of '77 punk to now-a-days U.K. SUBS. They've got a couple gigs lined up and remain a four piece band."

1. Joe's New Boots
2. Broken Morals
3. Dance
4. Paradise Lost
5. Surfer Girl
6. Beware: The Slee Stacks
7. Legion Of Doom
8. Eve Of Destruction (Barry McGuire cover)


  1. Thanks for posting our Recording. It was Recorded at Howe Sound Recording Studio near Horshoe Bay in West Vancouver.


  2. Thanks for posting!!! Darren was an old friend of mine... and I haven't heard this tape in probably 30 years.