November 10, 2011

VA - We're Not Contageous tape (2011)

Not much to say here, just a cassette-only compilation of some new underground hardcore. I'm pretty sure most of the songs on here are exclusive to this tape. In fact, I think even a few of the bands can only be found on here (for now). Lots of fun sound bites of old commercials and movies between the songs too. 
1. Dry Hump - Dry Hump
2. Male Nurses - Make Me Free
3. Cülo - Midnight Mind
4. Violent Night - Untamed Mind/Mad At The Streets
5. The Secret Prostitutes - Lelucon Sinis
6. Cülo - (unlisted track)
7. Dry Hump - We're Not Contageous
8. Reformed Homosexual - Nonsense
9. Sgt. Slaughter - Home Of The Strange
10. Long Pigs - Cut Off
11. Earth Pig - Dead End/No More Shock Treatment
12. The Secret Prostitutes - Gimmie Money
13. Male Nurses - Lude Boy (Social D)
14. Würm Tongue - Boot Lickers
15. Reformed Homosexual - Constant Strides


  1. I made this tape exclusively for Male Nurses' us tour that we did this past august. Most of the recordings are exclusive to the tape aside from a couple that are from upcoming releases

    dry hump - awesome lowell area band who's lp just came out 2 months ago best band in boston. pj (male nurses, bloodkow butcher, etc) on box

    culo - you guys know this band, they rule

    violent night - a new band that I play guitar in who's only influence are the two best YDI songs that they recorded.

    secret prostitutes - awesome kbd type band from houston. they're lp rules and the songs on here are from a 7inch they have coming out. lyrics are in indonesian which is where the singer is from

    reformed homosexual - a dc hc/na style band that I played guitar in. the songs on here are from a 7inch that we recorded but never put if anyones interested...

    sgt slaughter - insanely good and underrated band from lowell mass. this song is from their 2006? demo tape. pre dry hump dudes

    long pigs - part of the new wave of weird punk coming out of nyc. this song is from their new ep. unfortunately they broke up

    earth pig - short lived boston band with members of scapegoat and subclinix. this is from a 6 way nyc/boston split 7inch that was released in japan

    wurm tongue - active boston band with a void influence this is coming out on an ep soon

    thanks for sharing it -Nick

  2. fuck yeah this compilation rules! thanks for posting it