March 8, 2016

RAMMER - Siege Of Madness LP (2014)

I first heard this Toronto thrash band back in 2003 when I saw them open for S.T.R.E.E.T.S. at the Cobalt, and I was a fan ever since. They put out one album and a bunch of EP's in their 9 year existence before splitting up in 2008. This here is their 'lost' album that they recorded sometime in the mid-00's but was never released until two years ago when 100 copies were put out for Record Store Day. I think the delay had something to do with the band waiting for the cover art, which is why these had silk-screened covers made from inside-out record sleeves. It would be cool to see this album get the proper release it deserves one of these days, until then here it is.

1. State Of Decay
2. Obliteration WWVI
3. Cryptocracy
4. A Questionable Obsession With The Recently Deceased
5. Tyrants Apocalypse
6. Wolfcult Chernobyl
7. Death Shark
8. A Way Back From Hell
9. Following The Abyss
10. Siege Of Madness 


  1. Thanks for posting this! There were a fucking RAD band, doing their own thing before the glut of 20-something-year-olds started getting retro on the thrash bit. Still better than the bands they ended up playing in these days if you ask me. Keep up the great work - solid as fuck posts here, always.