September 3, 2015

FIX MY HEAD - S/T EP (2008)

Don't let the awful cover fool you, this 7" is 7 songs of straight up in your face, no-frills hardcore. This bay area band followed up this EP with another great 7" titled 'Empty Slogans'(which featured my favourite song of theirs, Natural Causes) as well as a split 12" with Poland's Knife In The Leg. Criminally underrated in my opinion. 
1. Garbage Existence
2. Machine
3. Life Is Swell
4. Fuck Evan
5. Swirling Vortex
6. I Sharted My Pantaloons
7. Beat Me Down


  1. Friggin' great post. Really enjoying this. Thanks

  2. been awhile since i played this record,good dudes too,remembered they sended out their demo's for free,no shipping,nada you don see that much anymore...

    1. Really? That's awesome. I guess nowadays, bands just put up their demos for free on bandcamp.