January 20, 2015

SUBHUMANS - Incorrect Thoughts LP (1980)

I think it's safe to say this record is not only my favourite Canadian punk rock album, but one of my favourite punk rock albums, period. This was ripped from the original out of print 1980 Friends Records mix, not the unauthorized 'reissue' from 1985. You know, the one with the different artwork, track listing and remixed songs? So this one doesn't include 'Behind The Smile' and 'Out Of Line', but I'll be posting the Vancouver Independence LP next so relax. 
1. The Big Picture
2. Dead At Birth
3. Firing Squad
4. We're Alive
5. Urban Guerrillas
6. The Scheme
7. War In The Head
8. Model Of Stupidity
9. Death To The Sickoids
10. New Order
11. Slave To My Dick
12. Refugee
13. Greaser Boy
14. Let's Go Down To Hollywood (And Shoot People)


  1. THANK YOU!!! I had the original version from some Soulseek downloads years ago but lost it in a disk crash. This is excellent!

  2. Thanks for this! Much better rip than the one I had. One of my all time favourite punk albums. A bona fide classic!

  3. I agree with all above...such a great band..and such a great album!!

  4. Thank you! Discovered them on Let Them Eat Jellybeans and been a fan ever since.