December 11, 2015

VA - Killed By Death Vol. 40 LP (1998)

Like it says on the cover, "strictly no english or american junk". Interesting bootleg comp of rare late 70's to early 80's punk rock, new wave and power pop from countries you may not have even expected from in that time period. Most of the groups on here are European, but South Africa and Argentina are also in the house. The reason I bought this record was for the two songs by Fræbbblarnir, one of Iceland's first punk bands (if not the first). I stumbled upon one of their gigs when I was in Reykjavik back in 2013 and thought they were amazing for a band that looked like a bunch of old college professors. I checked out all the local record shops for any of their back catalog, but no avail. But they aren't the only great band on here. I think my favourite song on this LP is 'Gilmore 77' by Spain's TNT. Amazing bass line!
1. PRLJAVO KAZALISTE - Moj Je Otac Bio U Ratu
2. SKAMS - Konfirmationen
3. SKAMS - Södertull
4. TNT - Gilmore 77
5. JO SQUILLO ELETRIX - Skizzo, Skizzo
7. FRAEBBBLARNIR - Critical Bullshit
9. PLEEMOBIELZ - Dagenlang Balen
10. BIRTHWARD 82 - The Greatest War
11. BIRTHWARD 82 - Idiots Power
12. WILD YOUTH - Wat 'Bout Me
13. WILD YOUTH - Radio Youth
14. SLEEPY SLEEPERS - Anarkiaa Karjalassa
16. FORT & GAELI - Enveiskommunikasjon
17. UHF - Cacada
18. STRYCHNINE - Pas Facile
19. BUCKS - That kind Of Ohohoh
20. REMO VOOR - Toilet Love
21. TOLLWUT - Seuchen
22. POBEL - Es Lebe Hoch Die Perversion
23. POBEL - Scheiβ Auf's Bundesheer
24. LOS VIOLADORES - Mirando La Guerra Por TV
24. LOS VIOLADORES - Represion

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