July 27, 2013

DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Live At Gilman St. (1987)

Here's a pretty decent soundboard recording taped August 30th, 1987 at Gilman Street Project in Berkeley, CA. The sound is a bit low in the first song, but is fixed (somewhat) by time they start playing "Fuck My Shit Stinks". In case you're wondering, "D+DOD" is actually "Dragons". 

1. Proud To Be A Canadian
2. Fuck My Shit Stinks
3. Argh Fuck Kill
4. Die Sinner Die
5. Bedtime Story
6. Hide The Hamster
7. Fuck Satan To Death
8. Stupid Songs
9. Religious Bumfucks
10. D+DOD
11. Drugged And Driving
12. I'm My Own God
13. Here Today, Guano Tomorrow
14. Stupid World
15. My Girl
16. Dogfarts

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