July 8, 2013

CURIOUS GEORGE - Children Of A Common Mother LP (1989)

This record was a recent blind purchase. I had only heard this local act previously through the 'Canuck-Core' compilation. They basically sound like what a Canadian skate-punk band in the late 80's would sound like. So yeah, there's a definite SNFU influence here. Songs about the Socred Party, safe sex and credit cards may seem dated, but then again so are songs about Ronald Reagan. One of their guitarists currently plays in The Authorities, the early 80's SoCal band that brought you the classic hit single "I Hate Cops". You can listen to this entire album over at CBC Music.
1. Pit Bull Attack
2. Bonehead
3. Safe Sex
4. It's The 70s Again
5. Canadian National Front
6. Better Dead Than Socred
7. Charge It
8. She Belongs To Me
9. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
10. Punks Go Camping
11. Johnny's Joy Ride


  1. Cool. Love this stuff.

  2. I bought this record in 1989 through Toxic Shock mailorder due to the fact that here in the California High Desert, there just were no record stores that would stock it. I loved the record! I still have it! I loved that 'Canadian' clean sound that so many Canadian punk bands had. I always wondered how is it that most Canadian punk bands come across so well on vinyl as opposed to the L.A. bands, etc. which has such mediocre mastering. Anyway, this is great punk rock. Dated? Heck no! This stuff stands the test of time in my opinion, because the songs are great! Listening to this record in 2015 is a blast! I can't find this anywhere on any internet player. Or, reissued on CD. I haven't heard this in a long time because I haven't had a record player in over a decade, and I have so much vinyl. So I am constantly searching for the releases I have on vinyl in the interweb because I have been using my laptop for music since 2005! Thanks for giving this band and record due respect. Excellent!

    1. You can find mp3 versions of this record online at CBC archives. Glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to make!

  3. Thank you!
    The last time I tried to find info online about CG was about 15 years ago. There wasn't much to find!
    These guys floated(literally) into my consciousness again last week after my water heater burst and saturated my long boxed up cassette copy of Children of A Common Mother. Grief stricken I turned to the internet and...