October 3, 2013

VA - Hollow Weiners EP (1984)

Here's a local Halloween compilation given to me by Dan Walters featuring some "fuck bands" and some... non-fuck bands, like the Enigmas. If you like those Bud Luxford comps, then I'm sure you'll dig this one too. Whoever put this 7" out released another the year after called, "Very Scary Cemetery". I know Halloween is still a ways away yet, but fuck it. I promise not to post anything Xmas-related until at least November. 

1. BAGS OF DIRT - Spidas
2. TARTAN HAGGIS - Lochness Monster
3. STAB 'EM IN THE ABDOMEN - The Dead Want To Live
4. THE SCISSORS - Underwear Wolf
5. ENIGMAS - Monsters In The Basement

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