October 22, 2013

VA - Uncovered Reality tape + zine (1987)

I've been trying to track down this local cassette compilation for years, so I was stoked when Ken Porter sent me not only the WAV file for me to edit, but also the accompanying 22 page zine. It's included as a PDF file in the download. Thanks again! Lots of rare and obscure Vancouver punk & hardcore not found anywhere else, enjoy!
Track Listing


  1. thanks, Jimmy! I didn't have this. You know I loves me some Vancouver punk rock.

  2. I can't remember this but one song I wrote and sang is on here...brain cells...I recorded Hell is a Microwave off the top of my head after a lot of cough syrup and dark rum

    thanks for posting


  3. I am from South Carolina, and bought this comp at a record store back in '87. I wore it out in high school. Thank you for posting it. I've been looking for it for YEARS!!!