June 3, 2013

GRAVE MISTAKE - Baba Yaga's Revenge tape (1992)

While I remember seeing this Maple Ridge band's name on flyers back in the day, I never saw them live. In fact I never heard their recordings until I received this demo last week. There is definitely an early 90's sound here, but at the same time you can tell they weren't trying to sound like anyone else. I was told they also recorded two other demos as well. Members from Grave Mistake later went on to play in other local bands such as The New Town Animals and The Spitfires, to name a few.

***UPDATE NOVEMBER 12, 2019***
I finally have an 'official' copy of this cassette so I decided to rip it and replace the original one I posted as it was taken from a 2nd generation tape. I think it sounds a bit better. Thanks Rob Hope for the 'new' tape and thanks again Shay for hooking me up with the dubbed tape back in 2013!
1. Billy's Fishing Trip
2. Green Goose
3. Survivors Of Incest Anonomys
4. Repus
5. The Ultimat Happy Song
6. Dimendark
7. Could Have Said Hello
8. Fields
9. Hunch

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  1. Wow. I have searched and inquired for years in an effort to find this particular piece of punk rock history. This tape opened my eyes hurt my ears and made me grin. 20 some years later it still makes me grin. Tremendous.

    -Kemo Z