September 15, 2011

HOUSE OF COMMONS - Live (1984)

Ok, this is my first post... so what better way to kick it off than with a rippin' live set from House Of Commons? If you've never heard HOC, go check out their 1983 LP, "Patriot". This show was recorded live in December 1984 at Luv Affair nightclub in Vancouver. Enjoy!
1. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
2. MDA
3. Insane
4. Live For Today
5. Low
6. Killer's Pride
7. Endangered Species (UK Subs)
8. Gotta B Alive
9. Peter Gunn
10. Attitude
11. 1999
12. American Patriot
13. Slut (GBH)
14. Way Down South
15. Raid

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