September 17, 2011

FRATRICIDE - Radio Session (1987)

Awesome crossover hardcore from Vancouver. Got this off Soulseek a few years back. This was recorded live at CRFO Co-Op Radio on January 2nd, 1987. Tracks 2, 3 and 4 were used for the B-side of their posthumous 'Scream Bloody Vengeance' 7 inch.
1. Merchants Of Death (Instrumental)
2. Poison Control
3. Beaten Senseless
4. Final Solution
5. Rising Force
6. Razor Piss
7. End The Suffering / Rip Wide The Sky
8. Scream Bloody Vengeance
9. Grave
10. Our Circled Adventure
11. Clear Mind Clear Thought
12. Blind Faith
13. Going Under


  1. Could you post the Fraticide/Neuroot split lp?. Their track from Thrasher - Road Rash comp. tape is great as well.
    Shit, the split 7" w/ M.O.C. is killer too! Great band.

  2. great post, these guys were super ripping and should
    really be part of the crossover cannon. Is it true one
    of these dudes ended up in a mosh-core straight edge
    band with a bunch of young kids in the mid nineties?
    too funny! Great post, thanks a lot!!

    1. Yeah, Eric (guitar) went on to start Strain and played bass for them