September 23, 2011

THE BILL OF RIGHTS - Surf, Skate, Ski & Skank tape (1985)

Along with Death Sentence, House Of Commons, A.K.O.B., The Spores, etc, The Bill Of Rights were another band who seemed to have that mid 80's Vancouver sound. Whatever that means. Prior to this tape, they put out two 7 inch EPs (No Rights No Chance and Meltdown '85). This was recorded live at CO-OP Radio on September 7, 1985 and featured mostly newer material and covers of old surf classics.
1. Out Of Limits
2. Pipeline
3. Walk Don't Run
4. Surfrenzy
5. The Unknown Surfer
6. Shot In The Ass
7. Slowdown
8. You Better Hide
9. Drunk Government
10. Pig
11. Urban Cowgoof
12. Wipeout
13. T-BOR Blues


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