September 19, 2011

FATAL RAGE - Self Titled LP (1983)

Catchy old school punk rock from New Jersey. The vocals kinda remind me of Shawn Stern from Youth Brigade. Too bad this LP's never been reissued, because it's long out of print and pretty hard to come by. I don't even own this album. But instead of just posting a link from another blog, I borrowed my friend's copy and ripped it myself. Luckily his record was in great shape because I think it came out sounding better than the other rips I've heard online. You tell me.

01. Struggle
02. Assault
03. Jump & Die
04. Die Lady Di
05. Fatal Mistake
06. V.O.A.
07. Copy Bands
08. I'm Appalled
09. Yelling/
Kick That Fucker

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