September 16, 2011

DEATH SENTENCE - Demo tape (1984)

Here's some more rare 80's Vancouver punk. I found this tape at Joey Shithead's yard sale back in 1998. What a score! In my opinion, this raw lo-fi recording is some of their best material. The first three songs appeared on the Undergrowth '84 cassette compilation, while the rest of it has never been released (as far as I know). Here's a review from MRR...

'A very classy, powerful power thrash outfit that doesn't resort to metal riffs. If anything, they owe more to earlier punk, but they're firmly rooted in modern sounds, blasting it out with strong lyrics and hooks to boot--"live" proof that Vancouver is not dead. Hot!'
-Tim Yohannan (October 1984)

01. Get Out of Our Way
02. Real World
03. Ultra Violence
04. Statue of Misery
05. Mein Kampf
06. Fascist Gun in the West
07. RCMP
08. So Civilized


  1. YEAH BUD! A demo version of RCMP?!! thanks!

  2. WOw. Just Wow. Total score. Thanks for posting it.

  3. took me awhile to repair but here's track 8 FIXED!

    thx for the no rebate demo too!


    1. Thanks! I didn't know there was anything wrong it! hahaha I just ripped it straight from cassette, took out some of the tape hiss and cranked it up a bit. Cheers!

  4. Is there any way I can get a copy of this or can u load the whole thing on youtube or something?? this is RAD.

    1. Click on DOWNLOAD, link should still work. Cheers!