September 21, 2011

AKOB - Explosion Blues EP (1985)

A.K.O.B. was Neil Embo's band after leaving House Of Commons and before joining Forbidden Beat. 'Officer Friendly' was originally an old HOC tune titled 'Colwood RCMP', later renamed 'Live For Today'. This EP was given to me on a CD-R by Mr. Embo himself. It's a different mix than the 7 inch and includes two bonus tracks from the Undergrowth '85 compilation. 
01. Explosion Blues
02. Diddling With One's Own Thing Blues
03. What's Going On Blues
04. Officer Friendly Blues
05. Plastic Peoples Blues
06. Pogo Blues
07. 5 Finger Discount Blues


  1. Great stuff! Any chance you got Undergrowth 85?

  2. Thanks! Just click where it says 'Undergrowth 85', that link will take you right to it.