July 14, 2013

PERSONALITY CRISIS - Demos (1981-83)

I scored this on a trade, along with a bunch of other stuff (including that Young Canadians live set I posted two weeks ago), so stay tuned. Tracks 1-8 aren't actually demos but rough mixes from the "Creatures For Awhile" LP, recorded Sept 1983 at Ocean Studios, Vancouver. The only difference from the album versions besides the mix is the false start at the beginning of track 5 followed by who I presume is Mitch bellowing, "Listen up geek... this is Personality Crisis!". 
Tracks 9-13 was their 2nd demo, recorded sometime between late 1981 and early 1982 in Calgary. Songs 11-13 originally appeared on the cassette compilation, "Charred Remains". 9-12 later showed up on the 1990 UK reissue of "Creatures". Tracks 14-16 was the band's unreleased first demo, recorded January 1981 in Winnipeg. This was right before they changed their name from Le Kille. I still find it baffling that no one's released a proper discography of these guys. 

1. Vampire's Dream
2. Mrs. Palmer
3. Twilight's Last Gleaming
4. The Advocate
5. Creatures For Awhile
6. Double Take
7. Namedropper
8. People In Glass
9. Losing Time
10. Empty Sky
11. Waiting
12. Wonder What They're Thinking
13. Shotgun
14. Sundays
15. Burning Rain
16. On The Sidewalk Bleeding
17. Fashions (Bonus Track)

UPDATE 3.25.15
I added an extra song, "Fashions" taken from the pre-production demo for "Creatures". I don't know why the band didn't put it on the album because it's a ripper. Big thanks to Ken for the hook up!


  1. 1000 thanks James!

  2. holy shit! you rule! been lookin' in my house for my cassette of this for 2 years....tyrants & scavengers indeed!
    thanks, merle dixon

  3. Love PC. Thanks!!

    Marc (Canada)

  4. Crap, I should digitize and send my copy of a pre-production demo with 'fashions' on it...

  5. I can at least email you the track of 'fashions', haven't digitized the rest of the tape, what's your address?

  6. Bless you for Fashions. Absolutely made my year as P>C is one of my all time faves!

    1. There's a PC double CD discography coming out really soon on Sounds Escaping Records that will have all their studio output fully remastered.