February 5, 2013

VA - Zulu Records Sampler tape (1986)

I bought this tape of local acts for like a buck at the record fair years back mainly because it had a live Death Sentence song on it. (The same one from the Shindig! LP, which I didn't have at the time.) A lot of these bands/songs later appeared on the double CD, "Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988". That comp has been out of print for a long time, but they still had a few copies at Zulu Records last time I was there. 
1. Enigmas - Flying Dutchman
2. Go Four 3 - Just Another Day
3. Brilliant Orange - Happy Man
4. Slow - Have Not Been The Same
5. Enigmas - Windshield Wiper
6. Go Four 3 - In My Dreams
7. Brilliant Orange - Shotguns, Cactus And Vengeance
8. Slow - Against The Glass
9. Chris Houston - Party With The Living Dead
10. Chris Houston - Girls Are Swell
11. Death Sentence - In Flames
12. Poisoned - It Won't Last
13. Shanghai Dog - American Desert
14. Nomeansno - Manic Depression
15. Velveteens - Tall House
16. Lost Durangos - Evil Town
17. Animal Slaves - Learning To Live
18. Rhythm Mission - Give Me Life
19. I, Braineater - Edge
20. A.K.O.B. - Explosion Blues
21. NG3 - Government
22. Bolero Lava - Move A Groove


  1. Great blog! I love all the rare comps. Any chance you have Slow's "I Broke The Circle" 7"?

    1. Thanks! Sorry, but I don't have that single. If I did, I would've posted it ages ago! I'll keep an eye for it. Cheers

  2. Thank you

    So many memories are arapped up in so many you share here