February 12, 2013

NECROS - IQ32 & Live 1981 LP (2012)

Since I won't get to see Negative Approach tonight, due to OFF! canceling their west coast tour, I thought I'd post some other great Midwest hardcore. I wasn't about to spend an arm and a leg for the original IQ 32 EP, and it won't be getting reissued anytime soon, so this bootleg 12" will have to suffice. Whoever put this out did an amazing job, this sounds as good as the original. On the flip side is a live soundboard recording from Obanion's in Chicago, Aug 3rd 1981. The sound quality is also quite good, the only drawback is that the drums cut out during the third song and are pretty much non-existent for the rest of the set. Still, I would've killed to have been at this show!
1. I.Q. 32
2. Youth Camp
3. Peer Pressure
4. Race Riot
5. Wargame
6. I Hate My School
7. Past Comes Back To Haunt Me
8. Reject
9. Public High School
10. I Hate My School (live)
11. Youth Camp (live)
12. Better Late Than Never (live)
13. Caste System (live)
14. Race Riot (live)
15. Public High School (live)
16. Sex Drive (live)
17. Reject (live)
18. Wargame (live)
19. I.Q. 32 (live)
20. Past Comes Back To Haunt Me (live)

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