February 17, 2013

SUBHUMANS - No Wishes, No Prayers LP (1983)

Like the last post, here's another great record that will never be reissued, unfortunately. I read in an interview with The Subhumans that the master tapes are long lost, but they do have three quarters of the songs in demo form. Maybe they should release them, it would be better than nothing. Unless they plan on re-recording this album, like they did with 'Same Thoughts Different Day'. In that same interview, Brian Goble claims that this record was slightly sped up, because they didn't play that fast when they recorded it. Maybe it was to appeal to the hardcore kids at the time? Who knows.

1. Canada's Favourite Sport
2. Moron Majority
3. Helicopter
4. For The Common Good
5. Slap In The Face
6. Screwed Up
7. America Commits Suicide 
8. Hiroshima
9. No Wishes, No Prayers
10. Mobile Electric Chair
11. Breaking Point
12. Googolplex


  1. No Wishes No Prayers. Hmm. Well, I got this album because I was on the SST mailorder list in 1984 through 1985 as well as the Alternative Tentacles list as well during the years 1985 through 1987. So as I was ordering Black Flag, Minutemen, Saint Vitus(yuk), Meat Puppets(yuk) records, I decided on this one from Subhumans. I never heard of them in 1984 but the description was 'Canadian punk'. So I bought it. Listened to it and wanted to really like it. I played it to my punk friend and he was not to hot on the record as well. After I bought this release in '84 I gave up on SST. I bought more from Alternative Tentacles with the last 2 DK releases as well as the False Prophets and B.G.K. release. But, SST lost me as a subscriber to their mailorder. But, then in 1985 I heard their track on the P.E.A.C.E. compilation, and I thought it was great! So, I kept their SST record and did not sell it. Through the years I actually began to really like it. Though it all, I thought it was kinda flat in the mix, or how it was engineered. But, I kinda, after some time, understood what they were trying to do. In 1987 I came across their Same Thoughts album from CD PRESENTS. The record everybody slams today. It was my first introduction to Subhumans in their first incarnation. I loved that record and wondered what happened with No Wishes. Why such a blah record. This was how I felt in 1987. I still have my album. And since then I have heard, through the interweb, all of the Subhumans stuff. From the earliest to their latest. Then I wondered a few years ago, hey, what happened to No Wishes? Well I found the record but no reissue? Why? Just today, I found out about Melonville Hardcore, and I have to say, Thank You Very Much! Really, Thank You. I downloaded this record, because eventhough I own this record, I have not listened to it since about 1988 or so. I also, have not owned a turntable in over 10 years so I can't listen to album, just look at the cover, lol. Anyway, I am so pleased to have downloaded the record I bought 30 years ago just today, as I write this. I am amazed at the audio quality, much better than on my vinyl version. At least as I remember. Thank You so very much. Here is the bottom line on this, it has taken 30 years to so appreciate this record. I have grown to understand each track and understand what they were doing in 1983 as opposed to 1980. Really, now, in my late 40's I understand and love this record way more than I did in my teens. The audio quality is still kinda flat, a flat kinda bass sound, however, this transfer sounds so much better than my vinyl. That is icing on the cake as this download is concerned. Thank You very much for allowing me to rediscover a great album.

    1. Thanks for your words! I know this album isn't quite as good as their previous stuff(perhaps because of the departure of Gerry Hannah?), but I still dig it. As for the P.E.A.C.E. comp, that was the british Subhumans. I think a lot of people back in the day accidentally bought the canadian Subhumans records thinking they were the UK band. Cheers!