February 1, 2013

POINTED STICKS - Live Radio Broadcast (1980)

I was going through a box of CD-Rs last night when I came across some Pointed Sticks bootlegs I had completely forgot about. They were given to me by an online friend from the States back in the mid-00's. As far as I know, they've never been officially released so I guess it's fair game. First up is a smokin' live set at Gary Taylor's Rock Room from 1980. Not sure exactly when, but it was after their return from the UK. It was recorded for radio, hence the great sound quality. More rare Sticks to come, stay tuned!

1. The Witch
2. Lies
3. True Love
4. When's She Alone
5. New Ways
6. Careless
7. Born To Cry
8. My Little Red Book
9. Destitute
10. I'm Numb / What Do You Want Me To Do?
11. Worse
12. The Real Thing
13. Out Of Luck
14. The Shape Of Things To Come
15. Nothing Else To Do
16. American Song

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