December 21, 2012

RED TIDE - Demos (1982-83)

I know there were cleaner versions of these demos out there, but I figured I'd put this up anyways. This was dubbed for Dave Spicer by a member of Red Tide in the early 90's. Whoever did it even took the time to make liner notes. Track 14 is actually a reprise of 'Fear To Live' but who cares? The first 5 songs were from when the Victoria band were still known as Suburban Menace. At the end of side B there was also two and a half songs from "Kelp And Salal", which I left off because you can get those songs on itunes. Still, it's a shame no one's ever done a discography of this totally unique hardcore band.



  1. you are right,an offical discography lp of the SM/RT demo's would be awesome!
    too bad labels like DERANGED etc focus too much on all the new hype bands and forget the old/unheard canadian classics.
    still waiting for the negative gain demo on vinyl also...

  2. I agree. I'm surprised Schizophrenic Records or Supreme Echo haven't done it, those are two labels that have put out that kind of stuff.

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  4. You know who is utterly unknown to Vancouver hc kids of today. Subverse and Adversity. I listened to the Subverse 7" again the other day and it shouldn't be relegated to such unknown status.

    Adversity definitely got their sound from Beyond Possession but that LP is still good. I saw a rip of it on that Church of Zer site before.

    You see the Subverse 7", the split LP with Desecration, and the Adversity LP in dollar bins here all the time. I talked to some kid the other day with an Extreme Noise Terror shirt and told him a couple Vancouver bands shared labels (Manic Ears, Looney Tunes) and comp space with UK bands from that same movement as it was happening and he had no idea and didn't seem to care either.

    Noticed JK's new blog has a pic of the Adversity demo as the wallpaper. I've never heard that and I bet it's good.

    ..and yes Deranged is a truly horrible label. White Lung? barf

    - Shay

  5. Wait a sec, seems like that demo is another copy of Outta My Way (25 song cassette demo), but some of the tracks are renamed wrong on your copy. If your curious, which I used to run but that was a long time ago, I totally lost my interest in such a bl0g. Anyhow...