December 12, 2012

ACTIVE GLANDS - Live At Kennedy Hall (1987)

This tape was lent to me by Dave Spicer who used to put out Subversive Behavior fanzine back in the 80's and played local bands such as PipebombDunderheadsChina Creeps, and Ballast (and who also put on this show). This is a pretty decent live recording from January 9th, 1987 at Kennedy Hall in Delta, BC. There was no track listing, so I guessed the song titles from what I recognized off their 1983 demo and when the singer announced what the next song was called. If anyone can help me out with the rest, that would be great. Active Glands recorded two demo tapes between 1983 and '87, and appeared on a few cassette-only comps. Too bad they never got around to releasing an LP. You can get Mission Of Christ's set from the same gig over at the VDRP blog, which was also recorded by Dave. 

1. Unknown (starts mid-song)
2. Asshole
3. Unknown
4. Hooray For The USA
5. America The Beautiful (D.O.A.)
6. Unknown
7. Unknown
8. Unknown
9. Do Something
10. Unknown
11. Perfect World
12. Unknown
13. Unknown
14. Heavy Metal Freak
15. I'll Be Me
16. We're Alone
17. Clifford Robert Olsen

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