December 8, 2012

TOTAL FURY - Spring Thrash EP (1997)

When I first heard Total Fury's "13 Songs" 12 inch a decade ago, I was blown away. That release is still not only one of my favorite albums to come out of Japan, but one of my favorite HC records post-2000. While Spring Thrash, their debut EP, isn't quite as intense as 13 Songs, it's still pretty damn good. I know it's been out of print for quite a while, so I'm stoked to finally own a copy of it. I think it's about time someone puts out a Total Fury discography.
1. Our Rules
2. Nothing's Easy
3. Outcome
4. Get Tough Enough
5. Wasted Life
6. I Wanna Be Like You
7. Essential
8. Slam Chop
9. Minor Of Heart
10. I Hate You (Untouchables)
11. That's All I Need
12. Silly Games
13. Burn Out


  1. Did you see their show in the Bellingham bowling alley around that time? Incredible, and I'd pretty much written off a hardcore band still kicking my ass at that time. It's hard to explain to people that in the HC scene circa 1996 it was hard enough to find someone that even knew who the SSD were. Most phat pants str8 edges had no idea where hc came from . It was kinda exciting to see some of these retro bands for the first couple years. Little did I know it would turn into a tidal wave of shit within a few years including 15 year olds singing about Reagan and worse...hipsters. But yeah, that 13 song LP rips as hard as any old DC hc record.


    1. No, I never even heard of them until around 2001-02. I wish I did see them live, B-ham isn't that far from where I live. Cheers!