November 1, 2013

VA - Canuck Core tape + zine (1988)

I originally posted this comp a year and a half ago with some crappy sounding MP3s at 128kbps I got off Soulseek. I wasn't totally happy with the way they sounded but I posted it anyways because no one else did and I figured it was better than nothing. Thanks again to Ken Porter for hooking me up with the WAVs, so I can take out the tape hiss and beef up the sound. He was also cool enough to send me the 7 page zine that came with the tape, which I'd never seen before. Like the last post, it's included in the download as a PDF file.

1. Adversity - Intro / Lost It All
2. Re-Ignition - Intro / Innocence
3. Re-Ignition - War For Your Life / Makin' Love
4. Desperate Minds - Maybe I'm Just Naive
5. Desperate Minds - Miami
6. Desperate Minds - One Tin Soldier
7. Mourning Sickness - Kop Kar 1113
8. Mourning Sickness - Catatonic
9. Mourning Sickness - Extinction
10. Adversity - The Jester
11. Unnatural Silence - Luxury And Lies
12. Unnatural Silence - Hiroshima (August 6th)
13. Subverse - Intro / Dictate
14. Subverse - The Drunk Song
15. Organized Kaos - Reconditioned
16. Organized Kaos - To No End
17. Curious George - Intro
18. Curious George - Pit Bull Attack
19. Curious George - Beachcombers Theme
20. Curious George - Punks Go Camping



  1. Thank you, been wanting to hear Desperate Minds again for like 20 years since I sold their 1986 7"ep when I was broke in the early 1990s!..I might have to buy it again off ebay or discogs I guess.

  2. - Thanks a lot for the post...