January 1, 2019

APOSTASY - Demo tape (1983)

Thought I'd start off 2019 with a long lost demo from my hometown of Surrey. I first heard about Apostasy back in the mid 90's when I was taking an animation course with Keith, the band's singer. But it wasn't until a few weeks back that I finally heard their demo thanks to a friend who lent me his dubbed copy from an old mixtape. He also happens to be old friends with the drummer Brad, who filled me in on the song titles. It was tough to find any other info on these guys other than a little write-up from an old fanzine called 'No Cause For Concern', as well a review from the July/August '83 issue from Maximum RnR. Their bass player Eric later played guitar in Fratricide and Strain.

1. Army Grave
2. Pseudo Punk
3. In For Life
4. Apostasy
5. Instrumental
6. Instrumental II

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  1. Wicked! Thanks for the upload! Keith and I have been looking for this for years!!