November 23, 2013


This was Fratricide's first demo, recorded in 1986 and originally intended to be on a split 12" with Holland's Neuroot on Pushead's Pusmort Records. For someone unknown reason, it was never released except for a few test pressings, which went for an arm and a leg. A few songs from this session did end up on a couple of Pusmort compilations. I've been wanting to post this record since I first started up this blog, but I didn't because it was still a new release. But now that it's over 3 years old, I'm sure anyone who wanted it has it by now. This was ripped from the red vinyl version that came with an alternate cover.
1. Blind Faith
2. Rip Wide The Sky
3. Blood Red Dream
4. Going Under
5. Grave
6. Final Solution
7. Beaten Senseless
DOWNLOAD (2010 reissue)

UPDATE 24.03.14
Big thanks to Ken Porter for sending me his rip of the original test pressing (Fratricide tracks only). These are a totally different mix than the 2010 reissue. 
DOWNLOAD (test pressing mix)


  1. Be sure to check out my other blog that has my concert reviews and compilation CDs that I put together.

  2. I've tried tracking down the Neuroot side of the split comp. but no dice. I just have a cassette copy. Anyone out there have a cleaned-up copy?

    1. It was released as a 7" called "Right Is Might", which was reissued as a 12" in 2012 by Havoc Records.

    2. Awesome. I'll check it out.
      Is it just me, or does this EP sound significantly different than the test pressing (which Dan made a copy for me thousands of years ago)?

  3. I think this sounds different than the test pressing. I've listened to both back to back, I guess they are mixed differently. I prefer the sound of the test press. Would be cool if you could put that version up as well.

    1. I would if I had it, believe me! Hahaha

    2. Yeah, the 2010 reissues were remixed in Jan 1993.