August 14, 2018

ASSEMBLY OF GOD - Submission Obedience Denial EP (2001)

Screamy hardcore from Oklahoma featuring members of Brother Inferior and Burnpile. And when I say screamy I don't mean screamo, so don't worry. 


  1. Awesome!
    This band got sued over the name due to the fact that the Assembly Of God church has its main office in Oklahoma City,some do gooder ratted on the band and went to the local punk record store to pick up this EP. Not only did it kill the band shortly after the massive tour across the US the church attorneys smacked Havoc Records with a dillution of copyrighted material charge. We( I played bass in the band)had no money to fight the charges and disbanded partly due to my weekly 240 mile round trip to rehearsals in Tulsa and post 9-11 gas prices. Mike Standridge

  2. Thanks for posting this very rare record, Havoc had to stop selling them or get sued so it may be hard to track one down.