August 26, 2018


"Minneapolis hardcore crust punk at it's most tough and brutal. This band started originally with Chad of Calloused on Drums, Link of Pontious Pilate on bass, Big Rick of Code 13, Rat Bastards, Dead Drunk, Motherfuckers, Impulse Manslaughter etc. on guitar and Andy Hefner on vocals. They recorded a 7" for Sin Fronteras and a split ep with Minneapolis metallic crust core band Provoked. Path of Destruction also toured Europe and the USA with this line up. Andy left and was replaced by Pignose of Assrash on vocals. Since the days of Hell Spawn I've thought Pignose had the most punk as fuck vocal delivery. The main influence here is Poison Idea and when you spin this sucker you will Feel the Darkness. But it's hard to really nail these guys down as punk, hardcore or crust since their style really draws on elements prevalent in all three subgenres for maximum impact."

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