January 22, 2018

DESPERATE MINDS - A Chance To Feel Emotions Alive EP (1986)

This week's post comes to us from Kamloops, the same town that brought us Inner Anger and Sineater. I think these guys were into 7 Seconds, but I could be wrong. They also put out a demo tape and an LP, which you know I'll post on here if I ever come across 'em. 
1. Hype
2. Do Your Part
3. Prey T.V.
4. Do You Remember 
5. I Care Too Much To Quit


  1. Been looking for this in digital form for years now. Saw them in Victoria at the Rat's Nest in 86, maybe early 87, and bought this off of them. And yeah, they might have been into 7 Seconds a little...

  2. I used to sneak out of the house when I was like 12 or some shit to go see their shows in Kamloops. This was their best album album. Inner Anger fucking killed it. Sineater, Ghosts of Roadkill... such a rad scene back then.

  3. Major Thanks, I wish I never sold this record when I was broke, Yep, I totally hear the 7 Seconds influence. A few of us in Toronto in the 1980s were really into this one.

  4. There are DMS stickers on my bass case from the show we ( Subverse ) played with them in Loops in 86