August 25, 2016

ELECTROCUTIONER - Wretch In Order tape (2016)

3rd release by this mystery L.A. band, only 100 copies made. I'm thinking this may only be a studio side project, as I can't find any info or pics of them online. Ugly vocals reminiscent of Japanese bands like GISM, Zouo and Gasmask, yet still catchy. At least to my ears. 

1. XX System
2. Charades
3. Like Pigs (K.T.P.I.Y.H.)
4. In Progress
5. Belligerents


  1. They play their 4th show within a year or 2 this Friday in Pasadena, CA. The tapes is a one man project.

  2. Saw them in ventura at the red cove 2016. Never thought I'd see them play. These foos get down