May 6, 2012

UNNATURAL SILENCE - Live At John Barley's, Vancouver (1985)

One of the main reasons I started this blog was for rare local stuff like this. This live tape was ripped and emailed to me courtesy of Dan Walters, thanks again! Unnatural Silence put out a couple of demo tapes and appeared on a few cassette compilations. This show was recorded before their second demo, with the later line-up that featured Ray on vocals (who would go on to briefly sing for Fratricide). The last song was taken from a different gig at John Barley's from '85. All in all, not a bad live recording.
1. Desperate War
2. Nuclear Attack
3. Enemies
4. Chael's Every Exploited Song
5. Jah Inc.
6. Guilt To Joy
7. Crush Expo
8. Wallistone
9. Look The Other Way
10. Poison For Pleasure
11. Poison For Pleasure II


  1. THX for posting/letting me know!!!
    pretty good set! for its age
    gonna try and pimp it up a bit for some sort of disco thingy...,you will see soon
    thx again and keep up the good work!
    take care

  2. Could you post their 2nd demo?, it is great.



  5. Barleys were good old days. Did a lot of shows there in my time at Collectors RPM
    Good showcase for the Undergrowth bands
    Not a bunch available on shows there. Maybe I should post all my material from the attic. This show was a good one. Best hair in Vancouver bar none. Over 30 years ago now but still timeless memories.
    Norm Ality Vancouver