May 2, 2012

THE FITZ - Demo (1984)

This was also given to me by Dan, who hooked me up with the A.O.T. demo last month. I don't really know anything about this short-lived Vancouver band except that one of the members later played in Death Sentence. I tried looking for some info about them online, but all I could find was a write-up in a 1984 local scene report in No Cause For Concern fanzine.

"THE FITZ (not to be confused with Britain's The Fits) look and sound like a band that has just been plucked out of Britain and placed down in Vancouver. Their biggest influence is G.B.H. which is quite obvious to anyone who sees them play and like G.B.H. they don't move around at all, the music is very basic and it would seem to anyone that doesn't know them that they worry more about whether their spikes are going to fall over than whether they play well."

Two songs from this demo also appeared on 'Tales From The Western Shore' and the other 3 on 'Uncovered Reality'. The songs listed here are in alphabetical order because they weren't numbered when I got them. Like you give a shit.

1. Die High
2. Freeworld
3. Hate
4. New Plague
5. Poisoned

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