February 1, 2012

WITCHES HAMMER - Canadian Speed Metal LP (2003)

Another E-bay score, from Italy of all places. Formed in 1984, Witches Hammer were Vancouver's first thrash metal band. What I like about them is that they don't really sound like anyone else. If I was to describe their sound, I'd say it's almost like thrash being played by a hardcore band but without coming off as 'crossover' or 'metalcore'. If that makes any sense.
This LP compiles their two demo tapes, except for one song (Death Of No Reprieve) because they couldn't fit it on the record. It was mastered directly off the original cassette dubs, but personally I think that's how they were meant to be heard.

Side Witches: Demo I 1996
1. Thulsa Doom
2. Rabid Captor
3. Frozen God/Witches Hammer
4. Gorgon
5. Mantle Of Death
Side Hammer: "Fuckin' Rights" Demo II 1987
6. I.N.R.I./Gorgon
7. Legions Of The Undead
8. Deadly Mantis
9. National Front
10. Final Storm


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