February 17, 2012

THE BLACK NASTY - Self Titled CD (1995)

Short-lived Seattle punk band made up of members of Midnight Idols, Big Top, Beat Senseless and fronted by Blaine Cook (The Fartz, Accüsed, Toe Tag, Denial Fiend). This self-released disc was their only recorded output. Musically (and vocally) it's a bit of a departure from Blaine's other work but still definitely worth a listen.
1. Made In Ballard
2. Rat City
3. Giant Mutant Bugs
4. Stranded
5. Whatever You Want
6. C'Mon C'Mon (Cheap Trick)
7. 1-2 Many Times
8. Still Remember
9. 3AM
10. The Mad One


1 comment:

  1. Oh shit! This AND Toe Tag! You rule. Any chance you have "Horror Holocaust" by Denial Fiend?