May 22, 2019

HOUSE OF COMMONS - 'Psycho' Demo CS (1993)

   Big thanks again to Josh for hooking me up with this House Of Commons demo that I didn't even know existed! I'm not sure when it was released but I know the first two songs were recorded in 1993 by a new version of HOC reformed in tribute to their late frontman Andrew "Android" Challinor. Tracks 3-6 were taken from the band's 1983 MLP 'Patriot' and 7-9 were recorded in '84. Side B features some live songs by The Intoxicators, who's 'Last Call' demo tape was posted here back in 2012.


  1. Replies
    1. The non 'Patriot' songs I guess. Sorry...

  2. Andrew was a great guy . He was always good to us guys in Subverse .

  3. fabulous album!!!thank you very much