September 7, 2018

GO FOUR 3 - S/T MLP (1985)

Some catchy local power pop/indie rock who definitely should've gone farther than they did. 'Just Another Day' had the makings of being a huge hit in my opinion. Ex-Modernettes Ian Noble played drums on this record but wasn't in the group for long. I recently found this record sealed at a shop on Vancouver Island which included a sticker and a Zulu Records insert. They released a full length album in 1987 called Six Friends, also on Zulu. Surprised no one's given this band the ol' reissue treatment.

1. Just Another Day
2. Death Of Love
3. Waiting For A Train
4. In My Dreams
5. Look Away
6. Go Four 3


  1. Quality pop..... I liked them . Funny to see the Alex Fraser bridge construction site . Getting so old .....

  2. Saw these guys a few times back in the day.Thanks a bunch.

  3. And I still have the vinyl.Every Saturday morning Quintessence/Zulu was part of my record shop tour.Been listening to this vinyl rip constantly for the past few days.A great EP and a nice rip.Yep,Go Four 3 should have been big.