February 24, 2016

E.T.A. - tracks from split with Tear It Up LP (2001)

I was going to post the entire record until I noticed the Tear It Up side is available on iTunes. The E.T.A. tracks aren't available anywhere else and this 12" is long out of print, so here you go. On their own, these 9 songs would've made a pretty killer 7". On the long defunct E.T.A. website, they made mention of an upcoming CD release on Deranged Records called 'Let's Rock Tonight' that would've included these songs, plus the 'We Are The Attack' EP and their tracks from the 'Possessed To Skate 2' comp. I'm still waiting for that to come out 13 years later. 

1. Fucked For Life
2. Disciple Of The Watch
3. Buried Alive
4. Day By Day
5. I Got Problems
6. I Won't Listen
7. S.O.D.
8. No Win Situation
9. Who's The Winner?

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