November 3, 2014

D.F.L. - The Tape Show (1997)

Dead Fucking Last, remember these guys? They played lo-fi skate punk with lyrics that sounded they were made up on the spot. I first heard about them in the mid 90's when Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys was playing bass with them. I remember being bummed when they cancelled their show at the Town Pump back in 1996. This out of print cassette was a mixtape of songs from their third CD "Grateful...", as well as outtakes, fan covers, soundbites and other weird shit. I was originally going to post this as just two tracks, one for each side, but decided to splice it up track for track. There's no song listing with this tape so I had to guess for some of the song titles.
1. Proud To Be
2. ?????
3. Retribution
4. ?????
5. Live For Today
6. Afraid
7. ?????
8. Decisions
9. Powerless
10. ?????
11. Prove Me Wrong
12. It's All In Your Head
13. Four + Twenty
14. You Can't Make Me
15. Help Wanted
16. Ought...To Be A Law / Kill The Hippies 
17. Follow The Leader
18. Pizza Man
19. The Grateful Song
20. I Hate The Rich / I Dig Pain 
21. We Are The Dead
22. ?????
23. ?????
24. Fourteen Acre Mosh
25. Leave Me Alone
26. ?????
27. 300 lbs Mushroom


  1. I can't believe nobody has commented on this! I have been loving this since I downloaded it. Thank you!

  2. WOW! thx for this!

  3. Thanx, great band!

  4. I have this cassette too, but this is so much easier to hear the songs.....thanks!
    I've ripped Grateful...chopped all the songs apart. Wasn't fun.

  5. Helllllooooowwww!!!!
    Thanx for this maaaaan, my band played with them when they came to Argentina. That was in 1997/8. i remember that nobody liked them because they were expecting something more "melodic" a la Epi(taph)crap.
    They did a couple of songs and then stopped because of the stupid people that didn't mosh or anything, but I fucking loved them.
    The next day we went together to play again in Rosario, a city that is 300 km from Buenos Aires, that gig was awesome from start to finish. People went crazy. Then we had dinner and went back to Buenos Aires (Capital). As soon I got home, I started to get everything I could from them. Again, thanx for this!
    My band at that time was Minoria Activa (NYHC type), I played drums, and i still do but in other bands.
    Alejo Troise.

    1. That's rad, thanks for sharing that! Cheers!

  6. nice one! I have bought this tape but never arrived at home... i found this after years on a soulseek wishlist. gonna download this source too... i have uploaded the songs on youtube, as well the entire grateful album with the lyrics sheet (enhanced cd material)
    I have seen them here in SP - Brazil back in 97, along with Dog eat dog and ratos de porao... the audience was in a constant meat grinder moshpit... thanks for uploading this.

  7. 6. Afraid - the song title is actually Short Breath ;)

  8. SONG NUMBER 2 is called "Plan of Attack" and is performed by DFL drummer's other band - MASSENGIL.

  9. Thanks for the uploads, but i need the song's title.