October 14, 2012

THE DISHRAGS - There's No Dee Dee EP (2007)

The Dishrags not only have the distinction of being B.C.'s (and one of Canada's) first all-female punk band, they also played Vancouver's very first punk rock show in July 1977. I believe this CD EP was released to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of that gig. If you already own the 1997 out of print compilation, "Love/Hate", then there's is nothing on this you don't have already. I think this too may be no longer available, outside of a few record stores in Vancouver. Tracks 1 & 2 were from the Vancouver Complication sessions, tracks 3-6 are from their two 7"s and track 7 is live.
1. I Don't Love You
2. Bullshit
3. Past Is Past
4. Love Is Shit
5. Death In The Family
6. All The Pain
7. High Society Snob

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