October 20, 2011

THE BILL OF RIGHTS - Meltdown '85 EP (1985)

Medium speed punk with social and political lyrics. "A Shot in the Ass" is the most memorable and the hardest of the six songs. The simple melodies are something catchy but never really grab you and knock you down.
-Thomas (from Flipside #45, Spring 1985)

Bone-crunching punk (without being metal), these guys deliver intelligent lyrics to boot. This, their second 7", is produced by Dave Gregg of DOA, and there are some slight similarities in their punk "rock" approach. Powerful.
-Tim Yohannan (from Maximum Rocknroll #21, January 1985)

1. The Core
2. Blind Society
3. C-9
4. What Do You Say
5. A Shot In The Ass
6. Conquest For Wilbur


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