May 2, 2016

THE STAKEOUT - 6-Song EP (2001)

Fast and loud straight to the point hardcore from Finland with an early 80's USHC influence. When I first heard 'Shut Your Mouth' off this 7" back in 2002, I was an instant fan. They've also got an LP and few splits also worth checking out.
1. Jaded
2. I See Black
3. Shut Your Mouth
4. Potential Criminals
5. No Looking Back
6. The Waiting Game


  1. I did a Discography of The Stakeout years ago, i'll send you a link. They went on to form Urban Unrest, which I have that stuff too.


    1. Yeah, I got that off you on Soulseek a few years back. I forgot about Urban Unrest, I'll have to check them out again. Cheers

    2. Ah, I just realized that Disco was actually a tape that came out, i'm missing some songs from it. I put together some songs, but it was wrong order. Need to find the whole Disco now.

  2. thanx --didn't know the band ---reminds me 59 TIMES THE PAIN from sweden